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Julia Lee Best Speed Reading Author
- By Julia Lee


It's just as simple as that. There are no complicated forms to fill out. And we don't have minimum order levels!

How Much Commission Do I Make?

Extreme Speed Reading is a downloadable ebook that sells through Clickbank's secure system. At $14.47, it is one of the most affordable speed reading books around -- making it IRRESISTIBLE for people to purchase.

You make 75% on each sale, which comes to $10.85!

No joke. The reason why I'm giving you such a huge percentage is because I simply want to give you a great incentive to get you started.

How Do I Get Paid?

Clickbank (the most trusted source for digital products) handles your affiliate checks and sends them out on the 1st and 15th of every month, fifteen days after the time-frame ends.

They track all sales and have a long track record. This means they'll pay you on time.

Where Do I Sign Up To Get Started?

Ready? Before you can start you need to agree that I DO NOT promise any specific earnings. That depends on your experience, persistence and other factors. Agree? Ok, next set up a free account with Clickbank. (This only takes a minute.)

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Privacy Statement:
Your data will never be rent, sold or displayed to anyone, period.

To Your Online Profits,
Julia Lee

Earning Strategies

Finished sign-up? Don't have a website or a newsletter? Use these hints to earn commissions fast:

Strategy 1: Write a Review

Write a review on Extreme Speed Reading and include your affiliate link to it.

  • Send the review to article sites like, and They attract millions of readers and rank well in search engines. No additional marketing or promotion required.
  • Post your review on forums and message boards. Again, the smaller the board, the higher the chance that your review will be accepted. The Open Directory at should be your first stop to find them.
  • Got a few reviews together already? Start a "lense" on Squidoo at or create your own content site with This requires more content and work than single reviews, but also pays off better.
  • Do you speak Spanish, French, German or Japanese? Write a review in your own language and you will reach readers in other languages.
  • Investment required: $0. Time requirement: 6-10 hours.


Strategy 2: Create a Blog

It's way easier than it sounds. Write down your thoughts on Extreme Speed Reading, describe your personal experience , post news on speed reading (or related news) - it's completely up to you which focus you choose. As long as you provide useful content and include your affiliate link you can't do anything wrong.


Strategy 3: Post Ads

Why not write your own ads for Extreme Speed Reading? You can advertise to get more targeted traffic.

  • There are tons of sites where you can post free classifieds: Again a Google search (free classifieds) and the Open Directory ( ) are great resources.
  • You can head over to UsFreeAds to start posting ads right away.
  • Know of a website that offers banner advertising? You can get real bargains there by buying banner space cheap. Forums like offer great advertising deals to their members.
  • Investment required: $0. Time requirement: 2-5 hours.

Why advertise in newspapers? Shockingly, 79% of all readers of media are readers of newsprint publications.

Despite the "Information Age" the majority of people still read newspapers, and it's estimated that from among them 82.5% regularly read the classified ads sections daily.

This means that about 188 million people daily are looking at classified ads in papers, and you'd be very wise to promote to these same people.

To give you an idea of just how powerful these ads can be for you, recall that one late-night infomercial spokesman boasted that he had "placed ads in newspapers nationwide and made millions!"

He stated that he could place an ad for as little as $20 that could generate for him just 3 or 4 sales making him back about $60 profit. The same $20 ad could then be placed in 10, 20, 50, 100, even 1,000 other papers nationwide - and make him $600, $1,200, $3,000, $6,000, or even $60,000 weekly!

And this same principle holds true with my ebook.

Since you earn 75% commission that's quite a lot of money per each individual sale. You can therefore easily make back enough money on just a few sales alone to more than recover the cost of such a $20 ad, and still have a worthwhile profit.

The idea then would be to run as many ads as you possibly could and maintain them.


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Not sure how to write ads? Here are some ads to consider:


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You may also want to redirect from a domain you buy and then forward to your affiliate link.


Strategy 4: Help Others

The best way to place your affiliate link is getting people to ask for your help.

  • Contribute to forums, post comments on blogs (you can find blogs on a specific topic at ). Include a link to a review you wrote or a blog you maintain.
  • Answer questions on You'd be surprised how many easy to answer questions get posted for things you probably know a ton about. It's another good place to drop your link.
  • Investment required: $0. Time requirement: 3 -8 hours


Strategy 5: Use Your Networks

Do you have a MySpace page? Are you posting reviews on shopping and customer sites? Do you run a website? Are you active in forums or on mailing lists? Without knowing, you might have build up a great future revenue source

  • A combination of strategies (e.g. a review blog you can link to) tends to work exceptionally well.
  • Use your exposure to promote your affiliate link. Do it in ethical ways. Don't lie, but recommend what you think is going to help people.
  • Placements can be made in the form of signatures, reviews, rants, comparisons and strategy advice.
  • Investment required: $0. Time requirement: 5 minutes: You just sign up and use the exposure you get anyway



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